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Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions people have when they are looking to book a Ceilidh Band

  • What is a Ceilidh?
    The word Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) comes from the old Gaelic word for ‘a visit’ which then evolved to mean a social gathering or party. Nowadays, a Ceilidh is brilliant fun night which combines Exhilarating Scottish Dancing, Fantastic Music and Great Company! Ceilidh Dancing is something that people of all ages can participate in. No experience is necessary so a typical ceilidh would often include a mixture of novices, occasional dancers and more experienced dancers. You don’t need to know anything beforehand and our caller will walk you through the steps on the night before each dance. Enthusiasm counts more than dancing skills - just enjoy yourselves.
  • Do you have a Ceilidh Cance Caller?
    Yes, Paul is our dance caller and has been doing this for all our ceilidhs since 2006 so is experienced at explaining clearly and will walk you through the steps before each dance. Our Fiddle player is also able to demonstrate if required. Our motto is "Remember, the best ceilidh dancer is the one having the most fun!"
  • Which Ceilidh Dances do you do?
    We have a large repertoire of ceilidh dances from the more Traditional favourites such as - Gay Gordons Dashing White Sargeant Military Two-Step Virginia Reel Strip the Willow St Bernard's Waltz ​ To the more adventurous such as - Eightsome Reel Cumberland Square Eight Riverside Jig Orcadian Strip the Willow Reel of the 51st ​ We also have a few less well-known dances up our sleeve such as The Troika, The Borrowdale Exchange and Swedish Masquerade which are also a lot of fun. ​ Instructions for most of the dances can be found on the ceilidh dance instruction page of the site.
  • Do the band bring their own PA system?
    Yes we have a high quality professional sound system capable of filling all sizes of venues. ​ We use an Allen & Heath QU-16 Digital Misxing Desk, RCF Art-9 Active Speaker, DB Monitors, Rode & Sure Microphones and Roland Sound Module for the Accordion (which gives piano & double bass sound from the left hand) ​ We always carry spare microphones, cables, laptop and even mixing desk to ensure that you have complete peace of mind.
  • What are your normal set timings?
    A typical evening would look like this ​ 7pm - 8pm Arrive, Unload, Set-up & Soundcheck 8pm - First Dance (if a wedding) then into the first half of the ceilidh 9.30pm – 10pm - Break whilst evening buffet is served 10pm – 11pm – Ceilidh (2nd set) 11pm – 12am – Disco ​ However we are very flexible and will work with you to accommodate the specific arrangements and timings of your event. ​ If would like to have ceilidh all evening that's absolutely fine, equally if you would prefer a more even split between the ceilidh and disco we can switch over after the evening buffet.
  • How long do you play for?
    Our fee covers an event of up to 4 hours, including a 30 minute break.
  • How muchtime do you need to set up and soundcheck?
    We can set-up and soundcheck in 30 minutes for most events. We always arrive a little earlier in order to park, unload the gear and check out the layout of the room if an unfamiliar venue. ​ We would normally set-up immediately prior to the performance during the room turn-around after dinner. (If the room is in use immediately before the ceilidh) ​ If you require us to set up earlier in the day, that can be arranged but there will be an additional fee.
  • Is there anything I need to supply for the band at the venue?
    We bring all our own sound equipment, so just require a small table for the Mixing Desk and DJ Decks, a couple of chairs and a power socket within reach of the stage area.
  • Can I have a mix of Ceilidh and Disco?
    Yes our Ceilidh & DJ / Disco package is very popular. For a mixed audience, a full night of ceilidh dancing can be a little too much, so being able to switch over to Disco during the night will keep the party going. It can sometimes be difficult to gauge the balance of ceilidh and disco in advance, but we are experienced in reading the crowd and are entirely flexible on the night as to when to switch over so as to end the ceilidh on a high and keep the room moving.
  • What should I choose for the First Dance at my Wedding?
    Choosing your first dance can be a tricky task, and you can either have a song which is special to you in some way which we will play as an MP3 through the PA system, or if you would prefer, the band can play a more traditional first waltz for you to dance to. You may wish to have the bridal party / wedding guests invited up part way through to join you on the dance floor. This also has the advantage of ensuring a full dance floor to go straight in to the first ceilidh dance of the evening.
  • What is your booking process?
    In order to confirm your booking we will require a deposit of £300 which firmly holds the date for you, and therefore makes it no longer available to other potential clients. We would then issue a booking confirmation document to be signed by both parties. A little closer to the date we would be in touch to finalise the arrangements for the evening with you and the remaining balance is then due 14 days days prior to the event.
  • What happens if the start of the ceilidh is delayed due to the day's events running late?
    The band accepts no responsibility if the event is late starting for any reason which cannot be construed as being the fault of the band and will play until the finish time which was originally agreed for the event.
  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
    Yes, the band is covered up to a limit of £10,000,000. A copy of the current certificate of insurance can be seen on request.
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