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Your Wedding Ceilidh

HotScotch Ceilidh Band will provide the perfect entertainment for your wedding - 

3-Piece Ceilidh Band, Experienced Dance Caller and optional DJ set to end the night.

Paul is our band manager and Accordionist, and has a wealth of experience of working with couples to plan their perfect night. He will guide you through the process of tailoring the entertainment to make sure that you have an amazing evening to remember for years to come.

The combination of Accordion, Fiddle and Drums provides a dynamic, full-bodied and balanced sound for a superb night of Ceilidh Dancing, with professional quality PA Equipment and Stage Lighting. Other line-ups can easily be arranged according to your requirements - just let us know if you have a different preference. 

Our popular Ceilidh & Disco Package gives the option to have a mixture of music during the evening and a professional Disco Lighting Rig creates the perfect atmosphere to boogie away into the night and keep the party going!​

The band use high quality professional audio equipment so as to provide a superior sound and the combination of accordion, fiddle and drums will keep you up dancing all night.

Wedding first dance

Your First Dance

Choosing your first dance can be a tricky task, and you can either have a song which is special to you, or dance to the band for a ‘first waltz’.  This is an opportunity for your guests to take photographs before being invited up to join the bride and groom for the ceilidh dancing.

Kicking off the Ceilidh

All of the ceilidh dances can be called so that your guests can all join in even if they have never done ceilidh dancing before, and we do all of the popular favourites such as The Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Dashing White Sergeant, Flying Scotsman, Military Two-Step, Eightsome Reel, Canadian Barn Dance, as well as some less well known, but equally fun dances.


The Ceilidh usually finishes up with a big Orcadian Strip the Willow to bring everybody back on the floor with the bride and groom at the top of the set to start things off.

Check out our useful Ceilidh Dance Instructions page. 

Scottish Ceilidh Dancing
Wedding Disco DJ Decks

HotScotch can provide a Disco Package to compliment the wedding ceilidh so whether you want ceilidh music all evening, or a mixture of ceilidh and disco, HotScotch will keep the party going.


A vast library of music covering all eras up to the latest chart hits, will ensure that every taste can be catered for.  Requests are very welcome on the night, and if there are particular songs that you would like played, you can provide a list for the DJ in advance. It can be difficult to judge the balance of ceilidh and disco beforehand, but HotScotch are experienced in gauging the crowd and are entirely flexible on the night, so as to guarantee you and your guests have a fabulous night.

Last Dance / End of the Night

Planning the finale of the evening is also important and you should also put some thought into which song you would like to finish on if you are having disco - you want to end the night on a high with all your guests together on the dancefloor. Popular choices are Runrig's Loch Lomond or the more traditional Auld Lang Syne, but it it entirely up to you.

Disco Dancing at a Wedding
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