Ceilidh Dance Instructions

Here are the steps for some of the band's favourite Ceilidh Dances 

Great one to start off the nigh

Gay Gordons

Couples Dance

Fast dance names after the famous steam train

Flying Scotsman

Sets of 4 couples

Easy, fun American influenced dance

Virginia Reel

Sets of 4 couples

Progressive round the room dance

Canadian Barn Dance


Progressive dance with a difference

Borrowdale Exchange

Sets of 3 couples

A favourite of Reelers

Duke of Perth

Sets of 4 couples

Promendae, Waltz, Skip

Swedish Masquerade


Round the room progressive dance

Dashing White Sargeant

Sets of 6 (two trios)

A fun dance for those with plenty stamina 

Eightsome Reel

Sets of 4 couples

Round the room dance

Military Two-Step


Great for the last dance of the night

Orcadian Strip the Willow

Long line of couples

A great progressive dance that involves everybody in once big circle around the room. 

Circassian Circle

One big circle of couples

A popular Scottish Country Dance

Reel of the 51st

Sets of 4 couples

Energetic set dance 

Cumberland Square 8

Sets of 4 couples

One of the most famous

Ceilidh Dances 

Strip the Willow

Sets of 4 couples

Named after the famous Riverside Club in Glasgow

Riverside Jig

Long line of couples

Gentle Waltz

St Bernard's Waltz


Progressive round the room dance

Britannia Two-Step


A Russian inspired dance



Irish Waltz

Pride of Erin Waltz