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Ceilidh Dance Instructions


Riverside Jig

Formation: Line of couples, divided up into sets of 4 dancers (No1 and No 2 couple) before dance begins, all N2 couples swap sides with partner, resulting in MLMLML all way down the room​


Bars:       Description


Join hands to form two long lines down length of hall - all advance and retire



Repeat advance and retire, finishing by releasing hands


In each 4some, put right right hands in to make a star dance round to the left for 4 bars, then left hands back again.



In each 4some, all left hands in to make a star dance back round to the left for 4 bars


All do-si-do with with partner on the sides



All do-si-do with partner across the set, 1s finishing facing down and taking nearer hands 1LM1MM making an arch over the Mn's side line, 1LL1ML making an arch over the Ls' side line, all   others finishing in places


Top 4some run down, with the rest of the dancers passing under the arches and then take up place at the bottom of the set

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