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Ceilidh Dance Instructions

Formation: Trios holding hands in a line facing anticlockwise around the dancefloor

Bars:       Description


Promenade around the floor taking slow graceful steps in trios 



Still holding hands, raise arms to form two archways. The person on the right runs in front of  the centre person and under the arch, then behind the center person and back back to their original place. The centre person turns in place, to the left, under the arch so that everybody is again now facing forward.



Dancer on the left repeats the same figure with centre person again following round under the arch so the trio ends up facing in a line again.  


All three dancers form a tight circle by putting their arms around each other's shoulders and spin as fast as hey can around to the left before throwing their arms up in the air and shouting "Hoi" at the end of the sequence. 

Repeat ad lib.  (Can be made into a progressive dance by the middle person moving forwards to join the trio in front after each cycle of the dance)

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