Ceilidh Dance Instructions


Eightsome Reel

Formation: Formation: Sets of four couples in a circle (Ladies on partner's right)

Bars:       Description


1- 8        All circle 8H round and back 

9-16       Ladies dance RH across to form a wheel (partners on their left) change to men dancing LH across in                        centre back to places 


17-24      All set to partners twice and spin partner


25-40     All dance Grand Chain (2 bars per hand)

Main Dance:- 

8 times through firstly with 1L in centre, then 2L, 3L, 4L, 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M 

1- 8          1st Lady goes into centre of circle and the others join hands and dance round and back

9-16        1st Lady sets to partner and turns him round, 1st Lady sets and turns 3rd Man 

17-24       1st Lady dances figure of eight with partner and 3rd Man 

25-32      1st Lady back into centre of circle while others dance round and back 

33-40      1st Lady sets to 4th Man and turns him round, 1st Lady sets and turns 2nd Man 

41-48       1st Lady dances figure of eight with 4th Man and 2nd Man 

                 1L retires to place as 2L goes into centre


Repeat Introduction to complete dance.