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Ceilidh Dance Instructions


Strip the Willow

Formation: Sets of 4 couples, men with left shoulder to the band facing the ladies. Couples number from nearest the band.


Bars:       Description


1st couple join hand and spin at the top of the set for 8 bars


1st lady turns 2nd Man wih left hand, then partner with right hand. Working down the line - 3rd man, partner, 4th man, and partner again. 



Spin with partner at the bottom of the set.


The 1st man turns the ladies on the way back up, spinning his partner each time in between. 4L LH, partner RH, 3L LH, partner RH, 2L LH.


Spin with partner at the top of the set.


1st lady turns each man, whist the 1st man turns each lady, and spin partner each time in between - turning 2C LH, partner RH, 3C LH, partner RH, 4C LH.


Spin together with partner at the bottom of the set until the end of the phrase.

Repeat ad lib.

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