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Ceilidh Dance Instructions


The Cumberland Square Eight

Formation: Sets of four couples, in a square set facing into the middle of the square. Ladies on their partner's right.

Bars:       Description


Couples with facing the band, and with back to band (end couples) take ballroom hold and dance across the set, men passing back to back, then dance back again, ladies passing back to back. 


Side couples repeat.


End couples put right right hands in to make a star dance round to the left for 4 bars, then left hands back again. 


Side couples repeat. 


End couples dance the basket: make a small circle in the middle, men joining hands behind ladies' backs, ladies' arms over gents shoulders. In this formation, circle round to the left. With sufficient speed, the ladies' feet can lift off the floor. 


Side couples repeat. 


All join hands and circle round to the left and back. 


Take promenade hold with partner (right hand in right, left in left, both in front of you) and dance anticlockwise once round the set. 

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