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Dance to HotScotch at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club in October

HotScotch Ceilidh Band are delighted to be returning to play for the dancing at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club on Tuesday 4th October 2022. These regular weekly public ceilidh dances have been running for many years and take place in Summerhall (the old Dick Vet School Building in Edinburgh) and have become a staple part of the ceilidh dancing scene for many in the capital. A cohort of regular dancers mingle with a diverse mixture of people who come along for a fun, social evening, from students, professionals, overseas visitors, tourists and anybody who is up for a good time dancing to live Scottish music. All of the ceilidh bands who play for Edinburgh Ceilidh Club have a caller, who will talk through the steps for those who have never done ceilidh dancing before, or need a reminder of how the dances go.

The video below gives a whirl through some of then dances at a previous Edinburgh Ceilidh Club event we played for.

In HotScotch Ceilidh Band, our accordionist Paul Chamberlain is the main dance caller, although Fiddle player Michael can also assist where required. We have a large repertoire of dances which can be found on the Ceilidh Dance Instructions page of our website. The dancing kicks off at 8pm and more information on tickets can be found on the Edinburgh Ceilidh Club website. Remember 'The best ceilidh dancer is always the one having the most fun'

Scottish Ceilidh Dancing with HotScotch Ceilidh Band
Dancing the Eightsome Reel at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club
Ceilidh Dancing in full swing with HotScotch Ceilidh Band
Ceilidh Dancing in full swing with HotScotch Ceilidh Band

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