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Chamberlain & Haywood perform at Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Friday 11th August

Edinburgh musician Paul Chamberlain and his duo partner Michael Haywood are looking forward to making their return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a concert on Friday 11th August.

poster for Chamberlain & Haywood Duo, Accordion & Violin
Chamberlain & Haywood Duo

Accordionist Paul, formed a duo with Michael (violin, saxophone, clarinet & whistle) in 2014 and they perform a wide range of repertoire ranging from Tango, Balkan, Scottish, Folk, Classical and Jazz, with the different instrumental combinations providing a great variety around the musical styles.

Their concert will take the audience on a thrilling, musical journey around Europe and South America. With virtuosic playing and fresh musical ideas, the duo explore the potential of their instruments in a way that is exciting and engaging. They take the strengths of each instrument’s traditions and blend them into their own unique brand of fusion music. Sit back and enjoy the sultry sounds of the tango, Balkan rhythms, Gypsy melodies, French jazz and one or two classical numbers.

Chamberlain & Haywood perform in St Andrew’s at St George’s West Church, Venue 111, on Friday 11th August at 4.30pm.

Tickets are available from the Edinburgh Fringe Box Office -

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